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The evaporator coil in your air conditioner is ground zero of the cooling process. Because of that, it is directly responsible for keeping your home comfortable throughout the long hot summers. Cooling a house or business is all a matter of moving indoor heat energy outside. The evaporator coil circulates refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the household air and circulates it through the ducts. The ducts convey the heated air to the condenser coil outside of your home. When dirty, the A/C coils can not efficiently work.

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condenser after.jpg



Issues Caused By Dirty A/C Coils:

  • Reduces the life expectancy of your Air Conditioner. When they calculate the life expectancy, they calculate it under the assumption that the Air Conditioner will be flawlessly maintained and cleaned.

  • Makes it so that your Air Conditioner takes forever to cool down your home, or just stops working.

  • Raises your bills. The longer your A/C has to run to cool down your house; the more money it costs you.

  • Illness! Dirty A/C Coils allow dirt and possibly mold to circulate in the air and can cause illness.

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A/C Coil Cleaning

Surprisingly, A/C coils should be cleaned at least once a year. When looking for a company to clean your A/C coils, search for a reputable company with lots of experience. Atlas Pro Clean Air has cleaned coils on hundreds of homes and commercial spaces. The process requires taking apart the unit, brushing it, and applying a high-quality cleaning solution. Afterwards, the system is rinsed down completely.

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